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October 7, 2015
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October 22, 2015

If anyone can speak on procrastination, it’s me. I was the biggest procrastinator in the world. I would start projects and never finish any of them. Seriously, my home office looked like a thrift store. Can you imagine bags of colorful threads, half-completed Afghans & sweaters, stationary filled with half-written poems and letters, and dozens of notebooks with half-written stories just strewn about everywhere? It was pretty bad folks. For a little while, I would get excited as hell about something. After the excitement was over, I’d never even think about those projects again.

Finally, one of my sons asked, “MOM! Do you EVER finish ANY of your projects?” Of course, I looked at him and laughed. It was not until much later that I realized the error in my unfinished projects.

I was in a meeting, and the main speaker said “Procrastination is a character defect.” After hearing those words, I sat up and really began to listen to what the speaker was saying.   The more he talked about procrastinators, I began to realize that I fit the description to a tee.

So, how did I change my behavior? How did I shake the procrastination? Check out these tips.



I started goal setting. I made to do lists. I gave each task a start and end date. I got an accountability partner, someone that would hold me responsible for my actions. Now, I have weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. I keep them attainable, and I increase whenever necessary.



Many times, we procrastinate because the process to achieve our goals isn’t what we thought it would be. Here’s the thing, in order to reap the benefits of anything you desire, you must be consistent. Nothing can reach its full capability without consistency.



Have you ever gotten so excited about starting something that you jump up and do everything at once? When this happens, we instantly burn out. Instead of tackling every goal in one day, spread out your goals. When goal setting, make your goals realistic. No one knows you, like you. So make goals that you know you can meet.



I had started on a book years and years ago. I finally finished it and published it. I got rid of all that thread that I knew I was not going to do anything with it. I uncluttered my space and became more organized in my life. I also realized that I wanted to be a person of good character, and I wanted my word to be my bond. I do not know how many times I had told someone that I was making something for them and never came through.   I worked on myself daily to improve the way I live and how I carry out my assignments in life.

Make up your mind that you are going to change your ways of being a PROCRASTINATOR and become a person of good CHARACTER!


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