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October 22, 2015
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October 28, 2015

What are your fears? Don’t be tough.  We are all afraid of something.  Whether it’s failure, falling in love, or flying, we all have things that shake our very core.

Fear is a scary word.  Just thinking of fear gives me goose bumps. I once had all kinds of fears. I feared the freeway, storms, heights, death, and criticism. The list goes on and on.  There were so many things that I feared.

I would take the long way home to avoid driving on the freeway. I wouldn’t read reviews from my books because I was afraid of hearing the negative ones.  Whenever the clouds would darken, I would rush to find family or friends to keep me company.  The crazy thing is, I knew I could not avoid driving on the freeway, I could not control the weather, and I could not avoid critique. Yet, I still had no peace. Fear slowly began to take over my life.  Fear is not healthy physically or mentally.  I knew I had to overcome it.

I began to re-search others and what they had to say about fear. The one thing everyone said was we must face our fears.  Some even referred to their fears as demons.  I was not in denial.  My fears had definitely become demons.

So one day, I listed all of the things that I feared on a piece of paper.  I decided to tackle them one by one.  I prayed and asked God to guide me through my journey of relinquishing my fears.

The first fear: Freeway driving.  I got in my car alone and I nervously got on the freeway and just drove until I got tired.  I found that it was so much quicker and easier.  I did that for a while and then I took my first trip.  I drove from Birmingham to Atlanta.  I played music and sung the entire way.  I couldn’t believe that I was actually enjoying myself.  I was so happy and proud of myself.

Up next, my fear of storms.  Listen, if the weatherman said the ‘t’ word, tornadoes, I panicked.  The first crack of lighting would have me turning off every electrical item in the house.  I would walk from the door looking out to hiding in my safe spot.  Sometimes it just rained and I would be sick from fear and worry.  Well one evening I was on an airplane and the weather was so bad.  The plane was shaking and felt like it was going to bounce out of the sky.  Fear was overtaking me, but I knew I could not get out of that airplane.  I laid my head back, tighten my seat belt, and prayed.   The lady sitting next to me had a little girl.  The little girl was afraid and she began to cry. The mother, in her own panic, could not calm the child down.  I began talking and playing with that baby girl until she calmed down.  The mother and I began to talk and comfort each other.  Before we knew it, we were landing safe and sound.  I no longer feared storms as I once did, but I respected them and took precautions.


In order to overcome any fear, you must face it.  I have used my faith in God to help me in this area.  My favorite quote is “I can do anything Through Jesus Christ”.  So at the age of seventy-years-old, I finally faced my fear of negativity from others and published my first book.  When fear comes up in my life I now meet it head on and I WIN.

So what are you afraid of? What are you doing to press past your fears?

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